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Product Introduction

Period Pain (Dysmenorrhoea) is a widespread problem which affects 40- 90% of women. Period pain can have a real impact on quality of life, leading to absences from work and school.

The Period Pain Reliever offers drug-free relief from period pain. If you are unsure of the cause of the pain, then you should seek medical advice to establish the cause and identify the correct treatment.
The is a non-invasive small and convenient unit that can be worn all day under clothing to provide safe, continuous, drug-free period pain relief whilst maintaining a normal, active lifestyle.
The period pain relief device can be an option for women who prefer not to use medication.
The device causes muscles in the uterine area to relax with a calming analgesic effect.
By reducing menstrual pain, the device can help improve sense of well being and allows everyday activity to resume while it is worn.
The device is non-invasive and drug-free, therefore the risk of side effects.
The device is easy to use and very discreet and convenient to wear at daily activities.

Product Main Features

1.The device is convenient to carry, and is suitable for personal health care;
2.Electrode patch intelligent detection and protection, users use more secure;
3.Electric pulse combination, 30 level strength can be adjusted, according to personal preferences to adjust the need;
4.Integrated fuselage design, functional operation, simple and clear;
5.Rechargeable lithium design, built-in power protection circuit, easy to use, safe;
6.Contains a variety of massage procedures, can meet different massage needs, suitable for a wider range of people;

Product name
Period Pain Relief Device TENS
Electric pulse combination
Power supply
3 Modes
30 levels intensity adjustable
OEM/ODM support
510K,Medical CE, ISO13485
OEM/ODM Service
Product Details
Product packaging

Accessories and Parts

1.The electrode pads are made of imported raw materials to ensure is high-quality and excellent stickiness which passed the strict biocompatibility test and safety in use to human skin;
2.The electrode pad is reusable. When it is used for many times, the stickiness is poor, remove the pads from the device, dip a little water by figure or medical alcohol to gently wipe the surface of the electrode pad.Keep it in a cool place for a few time allow it to dry before re-attaching to the control unit, and use it after stickiness is restored; After using the device, replace electrode pad on the storage board and protect it well for next use;

3.Do not use any paper or cloth to wipe the electrode pads, this will cause the stickiness of the electrode pads to decline.
4.The electrode pad is a consumable accessory. When it is still unable to restore its adhesiveness after repeated cleaning and the stimulation strength is reduced, please replace the electrode pads with a new one. ( Buy from the manufacturer or agent, You are recommended to use the same size electrode patch).
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